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We (r)evolutionize change in a complex world

Transformation happens whether we like it or dislike it, whether we resist it or invite it. The inevitability of change makes it such an amazing basis for creation and creativity. As the saying goes: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

That’s why we encourage a hands-on approach, that is proactive and constructive rather than long discussions and more meetings. We are believers in co-creating, co-designing and co-developing a better, smarter and more exciting future. We call this co-(i)nspiration: inspiring one another to create meaningful transformation. At the basis of what we do are our beliefs:

We believe that change is ongoing.

We believe that transformation sustains people, brands and business.

We believe in the power of wonder as a key to unraveling the unknown.

We believe that transformation is achieved by daring to imagine new possibilities.

We believe that doing is a manifestation of being.

By putting our beliefs into action, we help embody the transformation we wish to see in business today.


The paradigmatic and systemic shift we are going through requires that we continuously work on transformation(s).

New ways of doing as well as new ways of thinking are needed. Transformation, as the word suggests, is going beyond (trans-) the current structures and systems (-formation) through which we have organised our world.

This is why we combine consulting and training. The process of transformation is a continuous stream of change. Sometimes it is truly revolutionary. Other times it is an evolution to the next possibility as we continue to design and transform.


We know that transformation is ultimately achieved through a healthy mix of creativity, daring to believe in new possibilities, business-sense and a passion for making things work.

Becoming stronger

Transformation is not necessarily about becoming bigger, it is about becoming more meaningful, relevant, flexible, adaptive and attuned with the world around us. That is where true strength lies.

Unleashing creativity

Innovation becomes transformative when we work from our hearts. Innovation ultimately means entering the unknown, introducing playfulness and with it, opening a full realm of new possibilities.

Engaging as humans

Collaboration and human-centeredness enable novel and inspiring solutions to emerge. When we become engaged and allow ourselves to be transform, we transform the world around us.

Awakening (r)evolutions

(R)evolution takes place when the answers are unknown or no longer satisfying. In their place come new questions. Having an open mind, inquiring about what might be, makes place for new dreams.

The people we work with are change makers, pioneers and believers in creating meaningful business, relevant innovations and new solutions. Each in their own way contributes to creating a better, more inspiring and more meaningful world.