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We make transformation irresistible

At Transformational Studio we integrate decades of industry practice, design-driven methods and innovative approaches into participative, interactive and provocative services and learning programmes.

Our approach involves experimentation, creativity and connecting the dots, so that together we make things happen and allow new models to emerge. As a result: perspectives, businesses, brands, people and teams are transformed.

Transformation consulting

Our clients engage us to continuously review and revisit their business. In different ways but with one goal: to align their business with the changing world strategically, operationally and purpose-driven. Remaining relevant requires continuous adaptation and transformation.

Transformation consulting starts with understanding your purpose. Our methods are fully tailored to meet our clients’ needs and to ignite the transformation that is needed for each particular project. Sometimes the focus is on invoking inspiration, other times it’s about provoking creative outcomes and other times the focus is in evoking a future so wonderful that it becomes irresistible.

Each project culminates in (r)evolutionizing change for all our clients: sometimes more revolutionary, sometimes evolving to the next level and always transformational.

invoke, provoke, evoke

Invoke Evoke Provoke

Across our service lines and learning programmes we work with a continuous transformation cycle:

INVOKE: we call upon a diversity of sources, models and tools for inspiration.

PROVOKE: we mobilize a stream of possibilities through challenges that create space for (y)our imagination.

EVOKE: we design a transformation, giving it expression and making it manifest in the world.

Once the cycle is complete, a new transformation begins.

transformational learning

We apply our transformational mindset to develop learning programmes that allow others to design their own journeys of transformation. It is our conviction that transformation design has the power to help us (r)evolutionize change through education too. We see this time and again in our learning programmes.

If you are wondering how to go about transformation and are keen to learn, our in-house programmes and academies are an exciting way to engage in this journey together with your team. We focus on how to make transformation happen and ignite your creativity.

transformational approach

Invoke Provoke Evoke
  • 1 Invoke Models & Tools
  • 2 Provoke Questions & Challenges
  • 3 EvokeTransformation(s) & (Re-)design

We’re unconventional and so is our approach. We use a combination of tools and methods to get to the heart of matters.

Whether it’s consulting or learning: the aim is to activate (y)our curiosity with the end in mind, creating solutions that add real value to people.

Our approach is immersive and experiential. It is contextual and real. It is open-minded and creative. And the results are mobilizing and impactful. Tangible and relevant. Inspiring and transformational.

We help you to evolve and to embrace change as an opportunity. By embracing change, you can unleash the opportunities that emerge with it. So you and your business can thrive.