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What is transformation and why should anyone care?

Transformation is a creative process. It starts with the realisation that we must change. It engages our curiosity and capacity to ask new questions, in search of new answers.

And transformation involves taking the next step in awareness. It is not about jumping from where we are into the void of the unknown, for that would render us powerless. It requires vision and courage.


We must engage with the courage that emerges from within us when we connect with our creativity and ingenuity, in order to create a new, kinder, better, more sustainable world for us all.

Transformation is -as the word suggests- about changing (“trans-“: across, beyond) the structures (“-formation”: form, shape, organization).

It will take all of us, each of us, to transform our world and our systems. As Robert Frost candidly worded: “The only way out is through”. We must address the issues of our time, we must transit through the portal of convergence, so that we may emerge on the other side as we co-create together.

Topics like sustainability, inclusion, diversity are arising to the mainstream as a sign of this emergence. We are seeing, together, that this is what we must pursue, what we must put on the agenda, what we should work towards jointly.

We all need to rise up to the challenge, to emerge.

We need to work together to co-create  a future that is boundless in its potential and real in its possibilities. To help us all be conscious of the impact of our choices, to accept that we have a responsibility for what we decide and for what we do, to see beyond today by realising that the point where the past and the future converge is the point where we can change the world. Every single moment we are given that choice, again and again.

It matters, because the choices we make impact the future that we will share.

Of course we cannot know what the future will bring. What we do know is that together we must continue to (re)volutionize the change we wish to see in the world. Transformation is a dynamic process, not an end in itself.