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Transformation unfolds from A to 'X'

Transformation involves venturing into the unknown.

Consultancy that transforms

Our consultancy services focus on igniting transformation (r)evolutions. Each transformational journey is an adventure we embark on together.

Learning and exploring

Our learning programmes focus on exploring transformational topics and how these relate to your organization.

Gone are the times in which we could clearly plan towards an goal. Linearity has flown out the window in the complex world we live in. But complexity doesn’t need to make things complicated. Complexity actually leads to a journey of learning and relearning. An adventure, that takes us from point A -which is known and familiar- to point X -which is intriguing yet possible-.


Re-Position Re-Create Re-Imagine Re-Engage Re-Build Re-Adapt

Find new, transformative and relevant ways of positioning your brand towards the market and capturing your customer’s imagination in a world in transition. Make an impactful difference that positively transforms how we live, work and play.

#branding #positioning #differentiation #relevance #meaning

Challenge your design processes by adding purpose and meaning in order to transform the system. Creating ripples of positive change in your organization, your markets, and beyond.

#design #systems #co-creation #interventions #creativity

Trigger meaningful innovation processes, that make sense for your organization and its context by embedding long-term thinking. Re-imagine the ways you can increase your relevance as a business and adapt to the complex needs of the contemporary world.

#innovation #future-thinking #sense-making #imagineering

Radically enhance your corporate culture by creating new narratives that bring people together, mobilize the organization, and create meaningful and lasting relationships among talent, clients, and society.

#culture #employee-experience #talent #engagement #people

Set the foundations for a future-ready business and drive a profound transformation in every aspect of your organization, by making your business become an agent of change that pioneers transformation.

#strategy #impact #new-territories #purpose #sustainability #responsibility

Adapt to the changing context, anticipate on what’s next and transform your business model by challenging yourself ahead of the curve. Design with a vision for a better, kinder, more meaningful future by pivoting your business to adapt from a place of strength.

#adaptation #anticipation #scaling #leadership

learning programmes

We develop bespoke programmes for in-house programmes and academies across all kinds of organizations: from public sector to start-up and from multinational to SME. Below is a range of topics for which we have developed programmes. The focus in these programmes is on the HOW. In other words, how to bring transformation into practice. Email us to find out more or ask us about a topic of your interest.

Transformation design

To design, as Herbert Simon said, is to turn existing conditions into preferred ones. Transformation Design ensures the choices we make create conditions that are sustainably preferrable.
Discover how this applies to your challenges.

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Strategy & Innovation

Long gone are the days of linear planning. Nowadays, strategy and innovation are continuous processes for any organisation.
Learn how to include these abilities into your ways of working.

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Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

Emerging, exponential technologies demand new capacities and capabilities.
Explore how you might harness the power of data, digitalization and artificial intelligence in your business.

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Business design & Intrapreneurship

Designing a business is as much about mindset as it is about value creation.
Bring these concepts into practice with your team by experiencing how a design-driven approach can make an impactful difference.

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Purpose & Positioning

Aligning your organization’s goals in a way that unleashes transformation is key to creating relevance in the market.
We’ll show you how to develop a narrative and position that mobilizes people to co-create meaningful change

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Other Topics

We have developed programmes on topics as diverse as regional development, boardroom dynamics, transformational leadership and future of work.

Contact us anytime to find out more

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The focus in these programmes is on the HOW. In other words, how to bring transformation into practice. Email us to find out more or ask us about a topic of your interest.

partner programmes

We collaborate with selected partners across the globe on learning programmes, from a conviction that Transformation Design has the power to help us (r)evolutionize change through education too. Click on the arrows to learn more about any of these programmes

KaosPilot Become

KaosPilot Become: a 8 week intense, virtual learning experience for creative change agents

  • Advanced design program
  • Combines theory, reflection and practice
  • Creating purpose-driven transformational experiences
  • Holistic approach
  • Group work with fellow creative professionals
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Digital Society School

Transformation Design course at the Digital Society School: an online course to help you create sustainable change in the digital society

  • Transformation design as the key to redefining value
  • Co-create and re-think the path to transformation for your own initiative or project
  • Focused on strategic decision making and how design leads to positive transformational impact
  • Sustainability, Adaptive Learning, Diversity, and Experimentation as critical skills for the digital society
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Reinvention Sprints

Reinvention Sprints is an online, 2 week collaborative learning experience offered in Spanish to reinvent the way we work and live, by transforming businesses and professions

  • A 2-week online programe that transforms and renews your purpose, so that you can become an engine of transformation
  • Four sprints or rounds to reset your system and help you to become a change agent
  • Give shape to a better, more prosperous and more sustainable future while you maximise your potential and impact
  • A learning community for professionals and entrepreneurs who are searching for personal transformation to lead the societal transformation our world needs
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