At Transformational Studio, we love change. We are in a continuous search for possibility, potential and opportunity. This is fueled from our most authentic self: which every single day feels a sense of wonder and excitement for all that is and could be. Our passion and myourpurpose is in connecting people, businesses and teams with their own potential, their future expression, Their next level.

As guides for transformation, we work to help embody the change we want to see in the world.

You see, change is not just ‘Ideas’, ‘strategies’ or ‘plans’. Change is brought about by the manifestation of those ideas, strategies, plans and dare we say, dreams. It gets activated or triggered when one realizes that the current situation is different from the desired situation. That’s when we get to work, and become the conductors of change by embodying it to the best of our ability.

Paradigm shift

Logically, change brings in the new, unknown, and we don’t feel as comfortable. But we know, we sense, we realize that something must change. For good. Not just incremental steps or quick fixes.

Thomas Kuhn, the American scientist who coined the term ‘paradigm shift’ argued that the only way to change a paradigm is to create a better alternative. Simply noticing that something doesn’t quite work is not enough. His model, called the Kuhn cycle, relates to science. Yet it also applies to the science of being.

A paradigm starts shifiting when outliers cease to be outliers, when pioneers become the norm, when alternatives are embraced, when a new-normal emerges through agents of change that show leadership through agency and inspiration.

A state of being, evolves continuously

As living beings, and members of living organisms in the form of families, institutions and businesses: the natural laws of evolution also apply to us. We also are in a constant state of re-establishing our position and re-confirming our roles in any system. This can be called a dynamic equilibrium: meaning we reach a level of steadiness that locks us into our comfort zones. A problem, an opportunity, an invitation presents itself: we know what to do, we do what we’ve always done, and we get what we’ve always got.

But some of us can’t help ourselves and see alternatives, options, opportunities that emerge first in us, then through us. It is such a loss when instead of following that energy we decide to conform to the norm. As Thomas Edison said: “If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”. Yes, we would.

Being You

We have no excuse not to be our most authentic selves. Not anymore. In a world that is riddled with complexity, leadership requires putting our best foot forward. There is no room for being who we are not. There is no room for hiding behind masks, rules, standards, and all other manner of ways to pass the buck. There is no passing the buck when there is no Planet B. There never was and we must own up to that challenge.

It is time to seize the potential of our lives. That is what we came here to do. To contribute with that which is uniquely, purely and authentically us. That is the experience of life. In his great book The War of Art, Steve Pressfield brilliantly explains that our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it. So we need to get moving. Now is the time, no more holding back.

‘Nothing happens, until something moves’

That is our favorite Einstein quote: ‘Nothing happens, until something moves,’ It says it all, doesn’t it?

Emerge & See

We are in times of emergency: a call to emerge in urgency. There is a lot to tackle. If we are brave enough to translate problems into goals, to ‘see’ the opportunity in the distress: we will emerge & see. This requires engaging with ourselves: our talents, to inquire what it is that we can do. ‘Doing’ being the crucial verb here. Turning positive energy into positive action.

The speed with which the transformation can take place is mind boggling. But there is one key ingredient to it: we must want to do it. So we can emerge beyond the how, and dare to try things that are aligned with our why (purpose, beliefs) and made real by the what (anything is possible, the pace is determined by what we dare to embrace).

Inquire within

To connect with our possibilities, our potential, our strengths, our capabilities and our talents, we must dive deeply into ourselves. We live in times of (di)stress, a continuous pressure to perform, to show up and a drive to grow and be successful. Actually, by the mere act of being we have everything in us to play a role in this world that is in harmony with it.


Other than the name suggests, a black hole is not empty space. Actually, it is a great amount of matter packed into a very space resulting in a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Since no light can get out, people can’t see black holes. They are invisible, thus can’t be observed directly. It is possible, though, to discover their presence by the effect that they have on other matter surrounding them. The effect they have on others near them and on their environment.

Black holes symbolize endings and beginnings, they symbolize quantum leaps. They are created by the death of stars, which can be equated to the death of ego. Then they become tightly packed energy masses, which can be equated with the generation of wisdom in ourselves. It is something you then have within you, which can be sensed by others and affects them when they are near you. But it cannot be seen. It simply is.


These are transformative, exponential times, that call for leaders with vision and drive. My leadership is about creating new forms of business, orchestrating change, transforming people through creativity, cooperation and the celebration of diversity. I believe that these times in which we live in call for leaders who inspire us to try new things, by connecting with a vision and a sense of purpose. To drive change through innovation, entrepreneurial drive and a bias to action, that provide the excitement of entering new terrritoties, new domains and new realms while counting on each other’s ability to learn, to excel and to celebrate both failure and success.

What is your next level?

By connecting to ourselves, by discerning with our innermost wisdom, by embracing our leadership, we can start to see our next level. By emerging as our next level we will effectively start co-creating and shaping everyone’s new reality. We must allow it to flow from our whole being (our hearts, our guts, and our minds) so that it may be a whole new level for all.