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We ignite transformation through design

We are a transformation design agency.

Our aim is to (r)evolutionize change through design.

We invoke the transformational power of design, to provoke new ways of thinking and doing, that evoke irresistibly compelling transformations.

Whether your transformation is about sustainability, digitalization, innovation, intrapreneurship, leadership, culture, business model, or any other emerging possibility: we work with you to make transformation irresistible and co-create the change we wish to see in the world!

Transformation design

Transformation design is a human-centered, interdisciplinary process that seeks to create desirable and sustainable changes in behavior and form – of individuals, systems and organizations.

Transformation Designers examine problems holistically rather than reductively to understand relationships as well as components to better frame the challenge. They then prototype small-scale systems – composed of objects, services, interactions and experiences – that support people and organizations in achievement of a desired change.

Transformation design often results in non-traditional design outputs. Projects have resulted in the creation of new roles, new organizations, new systems and new policies.

Based on:

nothing happens, until something moves

Triggered either by urgency or by excitement, Transformation is set in motion by the need to answer a question: Perhaps something is not working for you or your organization, or maybe some exciting possibility has appeared on the horizon. In the words of Albert Einstein “Nothing happens until something moves”.

Irresistible transformation occurs when we respond to the question, not simply react to the problem.

It is an act of design: the need for transformation becomes a driving force not just another point on the agenda. It becomes something you must do. It engages you in the very heart of our being. A compelling need to explore what could be. Becoming the key driver of a search for alternatives that will allow new models to emerge.